What we do at Integra Therapy

“What was really useful and settling was that Andrea explained in detail her approach to physiotherapy. She made me feel at ease even when in pain as she has a great ability to be both professional and empathetic. I believe the word I am looking for is human.”

Mr DC, Age 53
Personal Trainer London

Physiotherapy is at its best when it applies the understanding of how mindfulness affects our well-being (where mindfulness is being aware of how we think and feel and how that impacts how we move and behave).

To optimise your health, what you say and think, believe and feel, and what you do and how you act has to be integrated. They need to work in harmony together.

Our skill at Integra Therapy is to help you see how your habits in each of these three areas influence your health. We’ve seen this evidenced so many times over many years: the incontrovertible connection between bad habits and ill health – especially the habits we’re unaware of, like poor posture, the way we sit, stand, walk and much more.

But the good news is, getting to the root of how you’ve come to adopt such habits can unlock tremendous transformations in your physical health.

And this is where our special approach at Integra Therapy can really help.

Restoring your body’s integrity

We’ll discuss how some of the non-physical aspects of your life compromise your mobility and get to work bio-mechanically on relieving your body’s conditions and symptoms.

We’ll work to deliver powerful, practical and compassionate techniques that will restore integrity to your movement, as well as help you develop more useful patterns of behaviour – centring your well-being from the inside out.

What’s more, all our techniques are safe, highly effective and form a uniquely practical, whole-body approach that’s a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern, scientific insight.

Our job? To uncover the most effective keys to realise your body’s potential, so that you can make powerful, positive choices that will yield lasting benefits.

So make an appointment with Integra Therapy today and let us guide you towards a whole new set of intentions; integrating your actions with what you think, believe and feel; bringing greater ease and relief.