Bath Taster Days whets appetites for Integra Therapy

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Another round of Taster Days at Season’s Wholefood in March got some folk generally excited about Integra Therapy’s unique approach, which led to an unexpected surprise. The feedback was incredibly encouraging. This simply reinforces our belief that what we do really does support people to find creative (powerful) and practical solutions for their wellbeing.

Like the last set, the Taster Days were held over two days. This time, one was held on a Saturday. It felt great on the both days. People were appreciative, enlightened by what information they received and encouraged by what possibilities were now available for them to move their issues forward.

Here’s what some had to say:

“I am fortunate to have learnt about Integra. My experience has been completely new, never had such therapy. Really amazing, thank you!”

“Educational, holistic, both mentally and physically beneficial. Very friendly, warm, caring, genuine and professional.”

And that’s not all… The added bonus to this was that the Taster Day proved more than just a nibble. One woman in particular wanted to know more! So Integra Therapy ran an informal workshop with a small group of people mid-march. There were five attendees from differing backgrounds. Our workshop was an introduction to the concepts of fascia and myofascial release, with a practical session to help them experience ‘it’ for themselves.

This opportunity was a great way to help people realise that there is a different way to approach injury and health, finding fresh, practical solutions to work with. And it showed from the feedback that was given:

• “Clear and informative”
• The practical sessions were “enjoyable, calming and relaxing”
• And they all would be interested to hear more about Fascia and Myofascial Release.

This shows that the holistic approach we adopt at Integra Therapy is the key to providing people with the solutions they need to get them on the right road to achieving their health goals.

We’re excited about Fascia and are convinced of its importance. And we want people to know how understanding it can make a remarkable impact on your health. So do get in touch if you would like to organise a workshop too. Contact Watch this space for more news about workshops that Integra Therapy will be running in Bath and London.

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