Insurance Company Approved

Below is a list of healthcare insurers who have authorised us to treat their customers; notwithstanding Groupama and Standard Life, who have been taken over by Ageas & PruHealth respectively. Which is why this list may not be exhaustive, given the changing landscape of the industry.

So do get in touch if your insurer isn’t listed here. And click here for more information on how you an get your insurer to pay for your physiotherapy treatment with Integra Therapy.




How to get your Integra Therapy treatment costs paid

Following an insurance claim, some clients can get the costs of their Integra Therapy treatment paid by their private medical or health insurance provider. Your insurer may even allow us to bill them directly – which can be especially helpful after an incident that has left your income compromised.

But as every policy is different, before booking your appointment, please check to ensure you’re eligible to have your treatment costs covered by your insurer. And also make sure that you meet all the criteria necessary. For example, your insurer may insist on a GP or consultant referral before your treatment can begin.

Your insurer may also need you to meet specific conditions such as paying any excess, setting a limit on the number of sessions, or the amount that can be claimed per session.

Once you’re clear you’ve met all of your policy’s conditions to qualify to have your Integra Therapy treatment costs covered, bring all your policy details with you to your first session, as well as an authorisation number from your insurers if you’ve been given one.