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Bath Physiotherapy Taster Days at Season’s Wholefoods was a resounding success! It was the first of its kind that Integra Therapy has held and the majority of the slots were filled and well utilised by a wide range of people from North East Somerset. I had some great feedback as a lot of people had been helped. It was so successful that we are going to do another (see below)!

The Taster Days took place over two days at the start of January.  Just the ticket to kick-start 2014 with good intentions to get to the bottom of those niggles and concerns that may have eluded the priority list. We all know that we often put these things off to another day, when in reality, that day often never comes!

Despite the cold January weather, people were keen to take advantage of our special promotional offer. It’s not often that you’re given the chance to get professional, expert advice at such a low price. People came from as far as Wells and others who were local to Bath and the surrounding areas.

Over the two days, the stats spoke for themselves. Attendance was very good; two-thirds of the slots were filled and it could have been more; but due to illness and other circumstances, some people couldn’t attend.

And the great thing is that this promotion was taken up by people from all walks of life and spanned a wide age range. All were welcome; clients with sporting injuries, work-related dysfunctions, postural queries or those who just wanted to know more about Myofascial Release and what it felt like. People with recurrent, chronic problems and stress related issues, all found this a useful opportunity to get their concerns aired and addressed with professional advice, analysis and hands on treatment.

The interesting thing is that a third of those came, didn’t feel that they required any immediate further treatment meaning, that the taster sessions they had were sufficient enough. This sends out a clear message; it’s worth investing a little time in yourself as it can reap medium to long-term benefits in your well-being.

Here are the details of the next Taster Days! Make a note of the dates: Wednesday 5th March AND Saturday 15th March 2014.

For those of you who missed out, couldn’t make it or know somebody who might benefit from this great opportunity, then do get in touch and sign up now! You can call us on 01225 463 951 or send us an email. I will make a note your inquiry and confirm your slot within 24hrs.

This is a win-win situation! A little effort at a low cost, with potentially massive rewards!

Make sure you and yours don’t miss out on this amazing offer. We are not sure when we will be able to do this £5 for 20 minutes offer again. So make sure you get in touch to book your session today.

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