18th - 20th September 2015

18th – 20th September 2015

Integra Therapy is very pleased to be taking part in this year’s Fourth International Fascia Research Congress in Washington D.C. I will be going to present new research in fascial dynamics which considers the ‘live’ aspect of fascia by examining how it may behave in the ‘living’ human subject, in other words in vivo. The majority of connective tissue research in the scientific realm largely concentrates its concerns with the detail of biology, biomechanics and physiology from an objective viewpoint. Aside from the work of Jean-Claude Guimberteau [1] these studies although useful, are limited in that they rarely capture fascial dynamics in live human subjects. It is well known in the biological sciences that what occurs in vitro does not necessarily translate to how results behave in vivo within living biological examples. In many instances science makes a great leap of faith to extrapolate those findings to living subjects. The question remains how does fascia behave in vivo in the living subject?

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I’m always struck at the complexity and nuance of working in different ways with the body and what it can reveal- it excites my interest no end!

We can really enhance our wellbeing by being more present to ‘all’ our experience, from the obvious, ‘this hurts, I’m hungry or I want to feel the burn!’ to the more implicit, ‘gut feeling’ or intuitive felt sense. It hopefully enables us to make choices that ‘fit’ what is right for us to do at that moment, based not only on what we think, but also how we really feel.

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What would you give to understand how your body can best work for you?

Wouldn’t you like to know how you can move more freely and perhaps have less pain?

Integra Therapy is running an, informal, interactive workshop in Bath. Exclusive to Yoga Bodhi, this workshop will introduce participants to their body’s amazing connective tissue system and how it plays a vital role in well-being. Participants will gain a new appreciation of how the body is connected together through the fascial system and how they can use this knowledge to access ways to move with greater ease.

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Exclusive workshop by physiotherapist Andrea Wright.

Exclusive workshop for Sweaty Betty customers with physiotherapist Andrea Wright.

There is a common misconception of how the body is structurally held together. Typically, we refer to the spine and the bones as a stack of building blocks where the muscles and soft tissues just ‘hang’ off them.

However, this view is changing fast…

It’s becoming more accepted across scientific fields and in manual therapeutic disciplines that a curious, continuous network of connective tissue has a profound impact on our health and mobility. This fascial or global connective tissue system nourishes, communicates, invests and supports all of our body’s cells. And today, fresh insight into this connective tissue ‘web’ has given medical practitioners a more applicable understanding of why and how injury, pain or dysfunction is maintained.

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