Work Station Assessments: At home or Remote Services

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Working from home is becoming an increasing requirement for the workforce as the global situation of uncertainty means that businesses are rethinking their strategies and employee working environments.

Whether you are self-employed or an employee, there is an increasing demand for people to work from home which may be unexpected and precarious as many are un-prepared to accommodate these shifts.

There are many reasons for this including:

  • Inadequate spatial arrangements at home
  • Undedicated office areas
  • Inappropriate and/or no access to the right equipment to perform your work effectively
  • Privacy issues
  • Changing family/home dynamics.

The impacts of these issues can be detrimental to your physical, emotional and psychological health. It means that you may be experiencing:

  • Issues with lower back and neck pain
  • Increased discomfort in the upper or lower limbs
  • Increased heaviness in the legs/ankles
  • Reduced working efficiency
  • Disrupted concentration and irritation

Integra Therapy is offering two solutions, bespoke and direct to your needs:

  • A work station assessment in your home
  • A Remote work station assessment

Whichever your preference we will:

  • Perform a bespoke work station risk assessment
  • Provide expert clinical assessment & advice on any musculoskeletal issues
  • Make reasonable adjustments to optimise your workstation on the spot where practicable
  • Email you a short report summarising the findings, recommendations, resources for your own records to refer to
  • Recommend any equipment necessary to optimize your workstation

To book a home consultation, please read our Coronavirus guidelines.

Book a 30’ follow-up review appointment online ZOOM/video call to ensure satisfaction and discuss any remaining issues, to ensure you’re happy.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to best support you, then do get in touch to discuss what options are available for you.

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