In-house Physiotherapy & Wellbeing (Corporate Wellbeing)

At Integra Therapy, we believe in the integrity of how you function as a whole person, honouring the aspects of your health that matter to you. Working with a small, specialised group of associates, we listen and take notice of what is important to your health, both in and outside of the workplace. We bring specialist physiotherapy expertise into the workplace to shine a light on identifying what best practicable approaches are required to sustain a healthy population of people.

By delivering a variety of approaches for your employees that include; massage, physiotherapy, ergonomics, acupuncture, elite sporting advice, yoga and movement, we can tailor to their specific needs so that they’re able seamlessly to feel well and in control of their wellbeing in the workplace as well as elsewhere.

Currently we are working with a large and expanding tech company who have offices based in London and globally, where we’re providing the very best in-house health and wellbeing services to their employees.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to best support your people in-house, then do get in touch to discuss what options are available for you.

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