Creative professionals

Creative professionals; performance artists in dance & theatre; musicians and artists working in the visual arts

“Andrea’s experience and knowledge of the body is palpable through her touch, which brings immediate relief… I always get the sense that she is treating my body as a unique entity, rather than applying a technique.”

Ms VT, Age 42
Performer/Dance Movement Therapist London

At Integra Therapy we understand that your body and performance are vital to the work that you produce, whether it is visual art or a moving performance. The delicate body-mind relationship needs to be ‘in tune’ so that you can be at your brilliant best to produce your best work. Often, it is the journey of ‘tuning in’ where the most valuable insights take place.

So we look to give you the support you need on your journey to recovery. You’ll be able to reconnect with feeling your body to help you see any movement dysfunctions, holding patterns and poor postural/habitual patterns. We’ll use our unique body-analysis skills to identify where and how those faults contribute to your problem. And whenever relevant, we’ll discuss the ergonomics of your environment and how that might contribute and/or affect the problem.

Fascial Release techniques will be employed to address the soft tissue dysfunctions that are contributing to any faulty movement patterns. We will get you to pay careful attention to your breathing and how your body feels, to retrain any abnormal movement patterns. And we’ll use specific exercises, relevant to your ability at whatever stage you’re at in relation to your rehabilitation.

To support and improve on the changes achieved during the session, we’ll also work at retraining your posture and core stability. We want you to safely understand the nature and progression of your healing process. So we’ll give you advice based on your practice/training aims and intentions. Plus, ongoing support, as well as the relevant body-work and advice will be provided at each stage of the rehabilitation process.