Office and manual workers

Office and manual workers

Our working time takes up three quarters of our waking day! Sitting at the desk or working in a manual job for 8-10 hours a day, in an environment that is not functionally optimised to suit the tasks at hand, can have negative effects on the body-mind system.

At Integra Therapy you will gain understanding how work-related musculoskeletal issues can develop and how they can be best prevented by applying practical solutions. Whether they are easy, accessible exercises that can be done conveniently, advice/recommendations to change any equipment that will help support the recovery process or improvements your working environment wherever practicable. Bespoke training is available to help you understand how you can make your posture work for you and the importance of how postural habits influence the problem.

We will get you to pay careful attention to your breathing and how your body feels, to retrain any abnormal movement patterns. This can also help to develop techniques to allow you to relax at work. Fascial Release techniques will be employed to address the soft tissue dysfunctions that are contributing to the problem and help to relieve accumulative stress/tension. And we’ll use specific exercises, relevant to your ability at whatever stage you’re at in relation to your rehabilitation.

Where necessary, the ergonomics of your working environment can be analysed and if appropriate, it will be assessed as a work station assessment (WSA) and recommendations made to support healing during your rehabilitation (WSA’s are booked as an additional service. Contact Andrea for more details).

To support and improve on the changes achieved during the session, we’ll also work at retraining your posture and core stability. We want you to safely understand the nature and progression of your healing process. Where appropriate, we’ll do the best we can to give you the right advice so you can continue to work. Plus, ongoing support, as well as the relevant body-work and advice will be provided at each stage of the rehabilitation process.