Sporting injuries

Sporting injuries; recreational to high level

“I had been unable to run or play tennis without strapping on my knee, and after a couple of months the problem was getting progressively worse. Andrea performed a manipulation on my leg to correct a hip and knee alignment issue and my knee was back to normal within a couple of weeks. Great job, thanks!”

Mr JS, Age 49
Sports Masseur London

At Integra Therapy you will gain understanding how your posture and postural habits influence your presenting issue. You will have your static and dynamic function analysed in relation to your injury. We will use unique body analysis skills to interpret and propose reasons why pain or dysfunction might be taking place; in other words, attempts to find the underlying contributing factors to the problem, looking at the body holistically. And we’ll identify where and how those dysfunctions contribute to the problems presented.

Depending on the sport, specific functional analysis can determine inappropriate faulty movement patterns and/or strengths. Fascial Release techniques will be employed to address the soft tissue dysfunctions that are contributing to any faulty movement patterns.

We will get you to pay careful attention to your breathing and how your body feels to retrain any abnormal movement patterns. And we’ll use specific exercises, relevant to your ability at whatever stage you are at, in relation to your rehabilitation.

To support and improve on the changes achieved during the session, we will also work at retraining your posture and core stability. We want you to safely understand the nature and progression of your healing process. So we will give you advice your training aims and intentions. Plus, ongoing support and the relevant body-work and advice will be provided at each stage of the rehabilitation process.