TV and film crew

Pre/post production crew

“I now know there’s someone with the knowledge and skill to rid me of pain and educate me in remaining mindful of how my body’s working under strain… minimising the chances of painful seizures.”

Mr EC, Age 47
Sound Recordist London

We understand that crew production work on or off site puts high physical and mental demands on the body. Whether it be the stress of making an editing deadline or having to

negotiate adverse conditions just to capture ‘that moment’. Even the sheer pressure of not being able to ‘take time off’ because of an injury, can add unnecessary stress to an already stressful job. At Integra Therapy we appreciate that you need to be extremely flexible with your work, with what can be a variety of tasks, in particular for the small or ‘one-man band’ businesses.

We will help identify the problem, so you will gain expert knowledge and insight into the factors that maintain the source of pain and dysfunction. Fascial Release techniques will be employed to address the soft tissue dysfunctions that are contributing to any faulty movement patterns. This will help relieve your stress and revitalise you. And it will also give you the freedom and ease in your body that you need for your work.

We will get you to pay careful attention to your breathing and how your body feels, to retrain any abnormal movement patterns. And we’ll use specific exercises, relevant to your ability at whatever stage you’re at in relation to your rehabilitation. You will understand how your posture and postural habits influence your presenting issue and receive quick, clear, practical solutions to address them.

Where necessary, the ergonomics of your working circumstances will be analysed and discussed with you. If appropriate, it will be assessed in order to make recommendations that support your recovery during your rehabilitation (Occupational assessments are booked as an additional service. Contact Andrea for more details).

To support and improve on the changes achieved during the session, we’ll also work at retraining your posture and core stability. We want you to safely understand the nature and progression of your healing process. Where appropriate, we’ll do the best we can to give you the right advice so you can continue to work. Plus, ongoing support, as well as the relevant body-work and advice will be provided at each stage of the rehabilitation process.