“There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life. There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine. O traveller, if you are in search of That don’t look outside, look inside yourself and seek That.” Rumi

Somatic Body Mapping is a methodological tool that uses the life-size outline of the body drawn on canvas to explore the physical, emotional and inner landscape of an individual that is re-represented through a creative and artistic process. An individual engages in an open inquiry into their lived-experience of the body by tracking various modes of sensing, movement, imagery, thoughts and emotional material to make sense of their embodied experience.

Our bodies carry histories, narratives, trauma and stories of our health and wellness in various forms, which can be celebrated or diminish who we really are. These social, cultural or familial ‘scripts’ can often conflict with how we understand our true selves to be. Somatic Body Mapping offers an opportunity to explore these questions placing you at the centre, where you mark the challenges, joys or desires for the future your body holds as to ‘see’ yourself more clearly.

Why would you choose to work with Somatic Body Mapping?

  • If you live with a long term condition, persistent pain or have complex health needs that may carry with it stigma and limitations on your sense of wellbeing. Somatic Body Mapping can provide a holistic pathway for you to reclaim an new and empowered understanding of yourself.
  • You may be going through an important life transition where you feel your body is changing and significantly impacted by your circumstances such as; preparing or recovering from major surgery, having a baby, approaching or going through the menopause, living with and recovering from post-viral fatigue.

Who can work with Somatic Body Mapping?
If you identify as a woman, Trans or non-binary person, this work can offer you a safe place to explore the boundaries of your identity in an embodied, mindful and creative way.  I’m committed to honouring the diversity of our bodies where holding and seeing the complexities of these stories becomes vital force for anyone to flourish and live well. Although I don’t yet have experience of working with male identified persons, this tool can be used to explore questions around the male body and lived experience.

I’ve worked with women using Somatic Body Mapping tool as co-facilitator and collaborator delivering workshops with Annette Schwalbe in various settings. This work has supported women in their identities and life cycles captured in a seasonal offering of intensive workshops.

Get in touch if you wish to explore whether working together in this way can support the questions you may be facing right now.

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