Workshops provide a place for people to explore deeper themes in a group setting that enables interactive and reflexive learning to take place. In this context, Andrea Wright facilitates the workshop, providing a safe space for topics to be explored in an embodied way through movement, creative expression, dialogue and self-reflection.

The foundations of the workshops are for personal growth and development, informed by the practice of Authentic Movement. Principally in the context of an inter-relational field, it invites individuals to explore their own experience, through their moving bodies in a mindful, non-judgmental and compassionate way. This is exploration is rooted in a witness being able to ‘see’ clearly an-other without projections or judgements. In this way an individual and frequently the collective group as a whole are able to utilise the wisdom of their own bodies to understand themselves more clearly in a meaningful way. The group dynamic enables the possibility to explore how it is to be in clear relationship with your own process as well as honouring that of others in the collective.

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