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Our approach to physiotherapy is different. At Integra Therapy we are interested in seeing and meeting you first as a whole person. The symptoms you present with may have simple, understandable origins, but they can also be prolonged, complicated and poorly understood. Where your symptoms are poorly understood, in particular with longstanding symptomatic pain, there are many complex factors that contribute to how you feel; like stressful life events, trauma, anxiety, identity, sociocultural factors, inadequate social support structures, isolation, marginalisation and various forms of discrimination that can have negative cumulative effects on the whole of your system.

To embody something is to give rise to a tangibility or feeling. By using the term embodiment in physiotherapy, means we see you as a whole person and we don’t reduce you to just your symptoms. We are interested in all of your experience that arises in all the ways we interact, whether it is through touch or in dialogue or movement.

© 2014 Maryell Finisterre

If you receive manual therapy (Integra Therapy’s form of fascial release) during this process you may have sensations, images, thoughts, emotions emerging as the session progresses and these can act as bridges to help you further mobilise your own internal wisdom systems that facilitate meaning and healing. With deliberate and careful non-judgmental, mindful dialogue held in an empathetic holding environment, your own healing is facilitated in ways that are valuable and relevant to you.

Whether you have a sporting injury or anxiety, you will always be met with a sensitive approach relevant to what you need. You can choose to how you wish to work; through touch, movement, dialogue, exercise prescription or a combination of these elements. In every case, your specific needs are met with you at the centre, directing your healing journey towards wholeness.

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