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Our approach to physiotherapy is different. At Integra Therapy we are interested in seeing and meeting you first as a whole person. The symptoms you present with may have simple, understandable origins such as an acute accident, trauma or sports-related injury.

It can occur if your pain is prolonged (more than 3 months) it is known as ‘persistent pain’ or (chronic pain). The ‘origin’ or nature of the pain is often more complex and as a result poorly understood. In this circumstance, we may need to take a blended approach to your care, which may involve other health professionals to support your particular healing journey.

Below are some of the common musculoskeletal conditions we treat:

Neck pain
Back pain
Whiplash injuries
Muscle/Tendon & Ligament strains
Shoulder impingements
Shoulder rotator cuff injuries
Running injuries
Hip pain
Nerve root impingement
Foot & Ankle injuries
Work-related issues
Hand and upper limb
Overuse/Repetitive strain injuries

However you present either with an acute or more chronic issue, we have the expertise to support you to get back to good health and equip you with the knowledge and tools to sustain it.

“Andrea helped me recover from a very bad recurrence of sciatica and it has not returned since. She is patient, knowledgeable and methodical in both diagnosis and treatment. ” -CK

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With persistent pain, where your symptoms may be poorly understood, we know from the research there are many complex factors that contribute to what you experience. These may be a combination of stressful life events, trauma, anxiety, sociocultural factors, inadequate social support structures, isolation, marginalisation and various forms of discrimination that can have negative cumulative effects on the whole of your system.

With persistent pain we may use a blend of treatments that can include; education, exercises, manual therapy and somatic education approaches to futher support how you manage your pain.

“Andrea is very good at what she does and I would highly recommend her.” -Kostas

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© 2014 Maryell Finisterre

If you receive manual therapy (Integra Therapy’s form of myofascial release) during this process you may experience sensations, images, thoughts, emotions emerging during this process.  Attending to these responses can help you understand your own bodily wisdom to facilitate deeper meaning to your healing.

Whether you have a sporting injury or persistent pain, you will always be met with a sensitive approach relevant to what you need.

With our expertise and guidance, together we’ll find what’s the best approach to work with your issue; either with functional movement, manual therapy, education, specific exercises and/or a combination of these elements. In every case, your specific needs are met with you at the centre, directing your healing journey.

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