What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamans are individuals who are able to utilise several ‘knowing systems’ of consciousness to support healing, growth and transformation both for the individual and the collective community. Often shamans enter an altered state of consciousness, assisted through ingesting hallucinogenic medicine plants, music and dancing to help them enter and receive information from the spirit realm.

However not all shamans need to do this. A shaman’s ‘way of knowing’ are multitudinous. Some have trained themselves to utilise many ‘sensing’ channels to discern what information can be obtained through various subtle energy systems.

A different way of approaching shamanism
I refer to my own contemporary approach to shamanism as Shamanic Synthesis. For clarity, I am not working from a lineage of shamanic teachings in the traditional understanding of how this craft is passed on. My shamanic heritage is rooted in two continents of my ancestoral lineage; the indigenous tribes of Balanta & Brame people of Guinea-Bissau and the Tsogo peoples of Gabon and Taino’s (Awawak) indigenous Amerindian peoples from South America who migrated to Jamaica.

When I use the word ‘Shamanic’ I’m utilising many implicit ways of knowing through the body which includes; ‘shape shifting’ (embodying the essence of the energetic material encountered) sound, automatic movements and employing all of the sensing systems. Shape shifting is a means of embodying the information gathered from the subtlest layers of the energetic spectrum; energetic phenomena, animal spirits and other forms, in order to understand what is influencing the persons whole-being and health.

Synthesis’ refers to bringing a combination of elements together to form a connected whole. I draw from a variety of spiritual and shamanic traditions in my work that are used in different parts of the world, from the African continent, India and South America. My long-standing meditation and spiritual practice as well as my masters in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies have helped shape my theoretical understanding and application of this work. (If you care to read more about how I came to do this work, you can do so here).

Who might this work be suitable for?

There are many reasons why people feel ‘dis-ease’ within themselves and their reasons for seeking a consultation can be many. The following examples are some of the common themes that this work addresses and may resonate with you.

-Somatic symptoms experienced in the body (pain, discomfort or unexplained symptoms)
-Obtaining more energy and freedom
-Finding clarity around your inner challenges
-Identifying what is preventing you from recognising your challenges
-Finding your voice
-Relational issues that challenge aspects of yourself
-Navigating your inner direction around purpose

What does it involve?

A sacred space is held where we talk about what your need is and what the issues of concern are. Care is taken to establish what the focus of your intent is, what you wish to understand and what your expectations are. The clarity that is given is important, as it establishes precisely the energetic constellation of the issue as it is envisioned, therefore enabling a more potent intent in the work. Before the work commences you’ll be invited to participate in consciously naming and establishing your own inner resourcing through a short meditation. This adds another safe, supportive structure that you’ll be able to call on at any point during the process.

After a discussion you will be lying on a couch with eyes closed attending to your own inner experience and felt sense throughout. I’ll work around the couch taking in and working with all dimensions of your energy field depending which part of the field is disrupted or blocked.

Time is set aside at the end to process to share what each has both experienced and what information has been ascertained from the work in order to bring these shared insights to consciousness. It is important to process here as with as much clarity as possible, because it is here at the intersection of experience and consciousness that the opportunity for deeper transformation emerges.

Shifts are felt immediately in the body, but they and other changes will continue to have their effect in the body-mind over time and in most cases there will be offered some additional actions to carry out as a means to support the changes experienced. With this approach to working, it is advisable give some time for reflection with a diary, noting your dreams, paying attention to your general outlook and mood which helps further support the integration of the process. This guideline will depend on the nature of the presenting concern and with respect to your own discretion.

Each session is between 60 – 90 minutes working on a one-to-one basis. I welcome your inquiry if you choose to get in touch to book or discuss how we can work together.

Please note that this work is in no way a substitute for seeking professional medical advice from a healthcare professional under any circumstances. If in doubt you should get in contact and discuss what the most appropriate choices for your particular circumstances are.

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