As the founder of Integra Therapy, my career has influenced how I envision the services we provide. It’s important to us how we provide support for individuals, groups in the community and within organisations. Our achievements are many; such as being chosen out of hundreds of applicants as a funding awardee to deliver an employability project, Black Swan for Black Lambeth residents with long-term conditions and their carers. At Integra Therapy we aim to create change and make an impact.

We use evidenced based approaches by our core team of person-centred physiotherapists with our clients. We offer a wide range of integrative services to enhance health and well-being. They include; physiotherapy, sports-related rehabilitation, pain management, manual therapy, yoga, and somatics. 

 Diversity is central to our business because of the value it brings to our work. As a result, it motivates our growth when thinking what services we provide and how were provide them. In my free time I am a proud local Trustee of Myatts Field Park Project. I flirt with the learning the piano and tabla’s; aspire to have an abundant vegetable garden, delight in my dancing body on and off the pole, sharing ideas, reading and enjoying spacious weekends with no plans. 

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