Physiotherapy without Contact? Using embodiment practices to enhance therapeutic relationship when using online video tools

I’m impressed at the way the COVID-19 virus has taken the global community by storm in unexpected ways across every sector of society. There’s no one who’s been left unaffected by its spread and it continues to transform the way we feel and respond to this new situation. Many outpatient physiotherapy services have been altered drastically, including my own. The

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Coronavirus Update: We’re temporarily moving our services online

  We're in an unprecedented moment with the Coronavirus pandemic impacting the global community at every level of society. People are frightened and anxious about how the situation will evolve. There is a lot of uncertainty and misinformation. However it's an opportunity to reassess our values. The current health advice is to social distance and self-isolate where necessary and

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Who’s body is it anyway?

Isn’t that an obscure title for a piece? What do I mean by that? A number of you may have formed an answer to the question; others may think that it’s a trick question; whilst some may wonder why ask the question in the first place, it’s obvious? For a long time now, I’ve been exploring the boundaries of my

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