I get so much joy from sharing my embodiment practice through teaching yoga on a volunteer basis with the wonderful women at The Refugee Women of Bristol every two weeks. My physiotherapy skills are also well used, as often I’m able to provide more thorough advice specifically to the needs of the women where it’s needed. We uplift each other by laughing, breathing, moving and being together. You can find out more about their organisation here.

As part of a wider collective of yoga teachers in the South West region, I am part of a newly formed grass roots organisation called Bristol Yoga Roots Project. Its aim is to bring yoga to marginalised, minority groups that may not ordinarily have access to yoga in their communities.
Currently, we operate solely on a voluntary basis, but there have been pop-up initiatives to raise money to fund equipment, pay a nominal amount for the teacher’s costs for various projects in and around the Bristol area. This is a temporary funding approach, but the wider vision is to secure funding to support teachers, hire space, obtain equipment and partner with other organisations and teachers working with similar aims.

The foundations are still being built, so keep at look out for more information here as to how you can find out more and perhaps get involved if you wish to donate.

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