Currently there is nothing in the government or local council guidelines forbidding domiciliary visits if operating a proper COVID-19 policy. It is also clear from the guidelines that being in close contact indoors for an extended period is considered high risk. It is therefore important that you consider how important your live session is to you and for us to consider the level of risk involved.

That said, sometimes morale, self-empowerment and being able to continue to improve any acute or chronic problems, mobility and your working conditions are important reasons.

To be able to see you, please download and read our screening document HERE carefully. You will be sent this document to sign and return it by email the day before to say:

  • I understand the risk and still to have an in-person home consultation
  • I have read, answered and agree to this protocol for all my sessions until guidelines change
  • I understand that even with these precautions my safety from infection cannot be guaranteed.

1) Please answer these questions:

  • Do you have you had a cough, temperature, loss of smell or taste – or have you been feeling otherwise unwell (eg. achey, tired, headachey)?
  • In the last 14 days have you been in the company of someone else who has since had to quarantine for COVID-19 or possible COVID-19?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to either of those questions I’m afraid I have to ask you to postpone your session.

2)  There are other questions for you to consider:

  • Are you in the vulnerable or shielded groups for your age or a health condition?
  • Do you live with someone who is vulnerable or shielded?
  • Do you work at an external place of work (as opposed to home)?
    If so, are there good hygiene and social distancing measures in place?
  • Do you regularly travel on public transport (e.g. for work)?
  • Do you spend a considerable time in crowded indoor spaces such as bars?

Please consider if your answers to these questions make you more at risk to having a consultant visit your home (also depending on the level of infection in the country at the time you wish to have a home consultation.)

3) To reduce you (and our consultants) risk of exposure:

  • Please wear long trousers, long sleeves (there may be mimimal contact involved in the assessment with your consent).
  • Please wear a face covering (I have some spare disposable face masks if necessary).
  • The consultant will use the hand sanitiser on arrival and departure.
  • The consultant may ask to take your temperature with a no-contact thermometer on arrival.
  • On the rare occasion the consultant needs to use your toilet facilities, they will have my own sanitiser to disinfect appropriately before and after use.
  • Please pay by internet/bank transfer or PayPal before your session. If you cannot pay electronically and need to use cash, this acceptable if this is the only way available to you.
  • Any used PPE will be disposed away from your premises.

4) Other precautions and practices to keep you safe include:

  • Consultants will cancel appointments if answered ‘yes’ to either of the first two questions above.
  • Consultants will wear washable scrubs and a washable mask/visor which will be changed between each client.
  • Consultants have PPE (personal protective equipment which consists of a face visor, mask, gloves, apron and googles). It can look strange at first, but please don’t be alarmed. It is in place for both your protection and my own to reduce the risk of exposure.
  • Consultants will sanitise surfaces with a high grade sanitiser if contact is made (such as the toilet or washing facilities).
  • Aeration of the room the assessment takes place is advisable during the assessment.

5) The Government Guidelines currently stress reduced contact time. Consultations will usually take 45 minutes up an hour. To help this:

  • For first time or returning clients you may require a short call first if you have any specific queries before the assessment.
  • Booking the next appointment by email/text after (unless it is a simple confirmation of ‘same time, next week’) would be good to reduce time in the room as well.

We are so sorry to have to have these measures in place as they may seem a little distancing at first, but they are prudent to ensure all parties are minimising risks.

The sessions don’t go so well if you feel unsafe or if we feel too distanced behind masks, so a good way of deciding whether to book might be to consider how these measures sit with you.

Finally, some of you may not believe in such precautions- or even in the gravity of the pandemic! But professionally speaking, consultants must follow the guidelines, so please do not ask us to leave them aside for you.

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