I’m Andrea Wright, an experienced and established physiotherapist, an embodiment movement facilitator and shamanic practitioner, who heads-up the team at Integra Therapy. Together we offer you the opportunity to explore what you need to be fully alive and well in your own body.

When the origins of your pain may be well understood, a physiotherapist does well to ‘fix’ these issues. Strictly speaking this isn’t true because humans are not machines to be ‘fixed’; we are complex biological systems. If your pain or dis-ease is persistent, involving complex factors such as low mood, anxiety, or unexplained symptoms,

then a broader approach may be required to support those challenging circumstances.

At Integra Therapy we provide a therapeutic approach that sees and works with the whole of you. We take into account; musculoskeletal injuries, suffering, stress and life events, to help you find the solutions you need for vibrant living. Alongside our core therapies we have developed a unique understanding to also support marginalised groups, particularly people of colour where the inequalities in society often have an on-going impact on health.



With 25 years of physiotherapy experience working with a variety of musculoskeletal, sports and somatic conditions, I specialise in a unique form of fascial release. Combined with compassionate presence through interactive dialogue, you discover your own body offers up the solutions for powerful transformative healing.



Through the practice of Authentic Movement, attending fully to what arises in our experience, we have the opportunity to know ourselves more clearly and what supports us living with others in the collective and with energetic phenomena in the spiritual dimension.



My long-standing spiritual practice and my research in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies, further underpin the Shamanic healing work I offer. We inquire still deeper into the energetic components of what might be holding you back, due to our personal, collective trauma and past experiences which influence how we live our life to its full potential.

My philosophy

I believe that to live our life most vibrantly, understanding the nature of relationships holds the key to this potential.

It is possible to have conscious clarity in how we relate at every level of our organisation and what meaning this holds for us; from the personal to the collective and in our broadest understanding of the spiritual realm.

This development of consciousness, embedded in non-judgement, compassion and choice underpin how these relationships can be explored, adapted and transformed. Thus you can take up your true (and right) position in the world.

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