At Integra Therapy we provide a therapeutic approach that works with the whole of you. We take into account; musculoskeletal injuries, pain, stress and the emotional distress of life events, to help you find the solutions for vibrant living. Alongside our core therapies we have developed a unique understanding that support marginalised groups, particularly people of colour where the inequalities in society often have an impact on health. Visit our Youtube channel to get tips on exercises and how to manage stress.

Physiotherapy - Wisdom of the body

Physiotherapy provides expertise to manage a variety of musculoskeletal, sports, chronic pain and other somatic conditions. The combination of compassionate therapeutic engagement, allows one’s body to provide the solutions for transformative healing.

Somatics - Cooperation & interconnectedness

Authentic Movement is a practice that cultivates a more empathetic relationship with aspects of ourselves that may have been neglected over time. It uses aspects of mindful movement, contemplative practice, active listening, depth psychology and creative expression to give full attention to one’s experience.

Shamanism - Freedom

The long-standing spiritual practice and research in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies, underpin the Shamanic healing work offered. We inquire deeper into the energetic residues which might be holding you back, due to our personal, collective trauma and experiences.

My philosophy


Vibrant living is understanding the nature of relationships.

It is possible to have clarity in how we relate, as it can transform the life of an individual and an organisation in a meaningful way.

Underpinning this clarity is non-judgement, compassion and the capacity to make choices so these relationships can be explored, adapted and transformed.

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