February 12, 2015 Andrea Wright

Stepping out of the box! Different ways to explore your wellbeing.

I’m always struck at the complexity and nuance of working in different ways with the body and what it can reveal- it excites my interest no end!

We can really enhance our wellbeing by being more present to ‘all’ our experience, from the obvious, ‘this hurts, I’m hungry or I want to feel the burn!’ to the more implicit, ‘gut feeling’ or intuitive felt sense. It hopefully enables us to make choices that ‘fit’ what is right for us to do at that moment, based not only on what we think, but also how we really feel.

That’s what some of my clients say when they faced with difficult challenges of dealing with chronic pain and injuries, where sometimes they sabotage what they really need, such as rest, ‘time out’ and maybe time for reflection and acceptance of their situation, by attempting to sustain the daily quotidian.

Perhaps it can offer us more clarity, more choice and a more authentic way of being.

Here’s a glimpse of my own journey exploring these very ideas. Please click to read more.

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